Ashley Anne grew up in the suburbs of Manhattan and spent much of her time exploring the world, visiting museums, and, of course, making art. The process of making art and the discussion about the nature of art are what make her come alive in her teaching and work. Ashley Anne learns from looking at how others paint and play with their materials. For her, her work is about the process, the experience of creating something new. Ashley Anne lives her life with curiosity and works her best to bring that into any classroom she is a part of, because she believes that curiosity and experimentation are how to grow and gain an understanding, of any medium or subject.

Artist Statement:

I paint because I love paint.

My work comes out of an experimental and playful practice. I pull inspiration from my everyday varied experiences and work with a strong, incredibly active intuition. Each piece is made by an exchange of energy between the materials and the final surface, with me at the center, curating the dialogue. In recent works I have become increasingly interested in what happens when materials break the surface. Allowing paintings to play in three-dimensional space breaks the static nature of the two-dimensional plane, encouraging me to investigate the limits of the resulting surroundings, playing with light and shadow in order to create a captivating experience for the viewer.

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